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                                                            * * *

                                     IN THE GREY SUMMER GARDEN

                                               I SHALL FIND YOU.

                                   THERE WILL BE RAIN-WET ROSES;

                                                STIR OF WINGS;

                                   AND DOWN THE WOOD A THRUSH

                                         THAT WAKES AND SINGS.

                                 NOT FROM THE PAST YOU'LL COME,

                                           BUT FROM THAT DEEP

                                      WHERE BEAUTY MURMURS TO

                                             THE SOUL ASLEEP:

                                    AND I SHALL KNOW THE SENSE

                                             OF LIFE RE-BORN

                                         FROM DREAMS INTO THE

                                            MYSTERY OF MORN

                              WHERE GLOOM AND BRIGHTNESS MEET.

                                          AND STANDING THERE

                                  TILL THAT CALM SONG IS DONE,

                                        AT LAST WE'LL SHARE

                                         THE LEAGUE-SPREAD

                                 QUIRING SYMPHONIES THAT ARE

                                 JOY IN THE WORLD, AND PEACE,

                                        AND DAWN'S ONE STAR.

                                                        * * *

                                         Welcome to Yoga Pause !

                                  Ongoing classes all Summer long ...

                   And look out for Fall Happenings starting in September !

                                                         * * *
























                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    MASSAGE THERAPY

                                  & OTHER MODALITIES AVAILABLE

                                         WITH LMT  LISA RAVETTO

    ~  TRAGER Therapy ; Developed by Dr. Milton Trager,
                                      this approach uses gentle
                                       rhythmic movement to facilitate deep relaxation,
                                       increase physical mobility and promote
                                       neuromuscular integration.
                                       While lying on a massage table, the client,s body
                                       is supported and moved in such way that unwanted
                                       patterns of tension and discomfort can be released.
                                       Loose comfortable clothing is worn.



     ~ ZERO BALANCING ;    Developed by Dr. Fritz Smith, MD
                                          Zero Balancing is a gentle, non-invasive
                                          acupressure system focusing on the bones and joints
                                          of the body. Designed to simultaneously address
                                          both the structural and energetic
                                          anatomy of the body,
                                          ZB supports the body's ability to balance and
                                          reorganize naturally and easily.
                                          ZB can offer significant improvement in structural
                                         alignment and sense of well being.
                                         The session is received clothed while lying
                                          face up on a massage table. 


    ~ REFLEXOLOGY ;         Reflexology is an ancient method of activating
                                          the healing powers of the body through precise
                                          finger pressure applied to the feet.
                                          It's benefits include; stress reduction and
                                          total body relaxation, improved circulation,
                                          detoxification of impurities, balancing of
                                          all the body systems, revitalization of one's
                                          physical and mental energy.


~ CRANIOSACRAL Therapy ; Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle
                                              light-touch method of evaluating and
                                              enhancing the craniosacral system, the
                                              environment in which the brain and spinal
                                              cord function. An imbalance or dysfunction
                                              in the craniosacral system can cause
                                              sensory, motor or neurological disabilities.
                                              These problems may include chronic
                                              back pain, headaches , sleep disorders.
                                              By treating the "core", many peripheral
                                              problems show dramatic improvement.


    ~ REIKI Therapy ;              Reiki is a form of subtle energy work.
                                              It is based on the understanding that
                                              there is an universal energy that supports
                                              the body's self-healing ability.
                                              The practitioners hands are placed gently
                                              on/over the body to allow this energy
                                              to flow to the body to facilitate healing.
                                              A state of deep relaxation combined
                                              with a general feeling of relaxation
                                              are noticeable.


                                    ( YOU CAN FIND PRICING FOR THESE
                                  THERAPIES ON SCHEDULE/PRICES PAGE )


                           CALL OR EMAIL LISA TO SET UP AN APPOINTMENT

                                   518- 851- 7952,  lisaravetto@yahoo.com






                                                         ABOUT LISA :

       Lisa Ravetto has been a NY State licensed bodywork and massage therapist

           since 1999, and a practitioner at Omega Institute's Wellness center

                                          in Rhinebeck since 2003. 

            A graduate of the Finger Lakes School of Massage in Ithaca NY,

                                        she has advanced training

            in the cutting edge modalities of Trager, Zero Balancing and

                                           Craniosacral Therapy.

         Her skillful touch allows her to adress general complaints arising

                            from the stresses  of everyday living,

                         as well as specific musculoskeletal issues.

      Her work is always suited to each persons individual needs and may include

     gentle mobilization to improve flexibility, massage to relax tense muscles and

                  techniques to promote better alignment and function.

                  Lisa would love to support you in your quest for greater

                                          health and well-being.